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Fuel pump is OK. Most miles to a tank or only weakness to me is seat is not very comfy after 50 miles. Strengths: Comfort, Brakes, Engine. På de flesta motorerna bör oljan bytas efter kilometer. Page Helmet Holder This storage compartment is designed lock it in place. Prodám fazer a v dobrém,bezproblémovém stavu,r. Value vs rivals 5 out of 5 Really cheap to run and maintain. But that's not to say the bike has a sit-up-and-beg riding position. Clutch cable Clutch cover Clutch cover gasket Fan motor relay S Remove the thermo unit from the thermostat S Disconnect the fan motor relay coupler from housing. Install: S big end bearings S connecting rod assembly into the cylinder and onto the crankshaft pin. The motor also features a percent heavier crankshaft that's meant to provide smoother acceleration and, basically, lessen the vibes that some people complained about on the R1. Incorrect firing range! Kollat runt den och de en liten batterigrej under sitsen verkar det som, den blinkar iaf rött, har tidigare blinkar grönt när den gick att starta. Replace the brush springs as a set. Connect: S coolant reservoir hose EXUP 3. Adjust: S throttle position sensor angle a. Hur konverterar jag en engelsk mil mile till kilometer? The motorcycle should not be ridden until checked by a Yamaha dealer. Repair or replace.

S Use only distilled water. NOTE: S Do not move the connecting rod or crankshaft until the clearance measurement has been completed. Även tankat osv. A big improvement! Oil filter cartridge 17 Nm 1. Equipment 3 out of 5 Pretty basic as standard.

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Install: S front fork leg Temporarily tighten the upper and lower bracket pinch bolts. Going multilingual. Positive battery terminal S camshaft punch marks c Make sure that the marks c on the camshaft are aligned with the arrow marks d in the comshaft caps. Page Indicator And Warning Lights 3. Is it normal that after a longish ride my hands buzz? Hur konverterar jag en engelsk mil mile till kilometer? EAU To adjust the drive chain slack 1. Replace any part that was dropped or subjected to a strong impact. Clovek by tam musel porad drzet ty vysoke otacky kde uz reagovat bude, coz nejde vsude. Check: S cooling system Leaks! Třinda je třinda tam se nazbirá zkušeností. It's easy to ride when you need, fast when you want. NOTE: Set the torque wrench at a right angle to the ring nut wrench. Page 33 5. Place a container under the end of the fuel hose. NOTE: If coolant is not available, tap water can be temporarily used instead, provided that it is changed to the recommended coolant as soon as possible. Låt ligga i 24 timmar. Therefore, the drive chain should be serviced, especially when the motorcycle is used in dusty areas. From the moment the Fazer first appeared inmany riders asked for a large-capacity version of the versatile all-rounder. Coolant reservoir hose Water inlet hose Water outlet hose Thermostat housing For installation, reverse the removal procedure.

Done over 22k with no problems very reliable. Probably better to go for the BT s though? Table of Contents. Measure: S camshaft runout Out of specification! Matts Ehnwall, Inga kommentarer Connect and disconnect sev- eral times. Blötlägg den rostiga delen i ättika tills den är genomblöt.

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Tady z toho všichní uchcávají, ale podle mě to brzdí nahovno nečitelně páč je tam citelná reakce posilovačezatáčí nahovno protože se to nepřirozeně propadne a pak je cítit, jak klouzaj gumy a nejede to protože je motor mdlej bez nějaké reakce, což je ostatně každá nová motorka, a jede tak nějak tupě. Rod puller Rod puller Rod puller attachment Fuel flows. Grind the valve face. Roller turns roughly! I recommend Bridgestone T30 Evo tyres to get the best from this bike in all weather conditions. Hur ofta ska jag byta ut motorns oljefilter på min Derbi? A bit too soft at higher speeds over kmh through long curves. Down position: Engine running. Antrieb verbunden. Yamaha FZS Fazer - [ Simracing Summary of the year 8 Jan, Page 56 Before installing the fuel tank, make sure that the fuel hoses are not damaged. Dopiero planuje rozpocząć swoją historię z motocyklami i małymi kroczkami się Bet ä tigung V orderbr emse, Gasgrif f und Kupplungshebel. It has no fancy gadgetry so there's not a lot to go wrong. Install: S big end bearings S connecting rod assembly into the cylinder and onto the crankshaft pin. Loosen both locknuts 2. It goes in for a service and comes out a new bike! Loosen the locknut 2 on the decelerator cable. View 15 images. Air filter slightly more tricky but still not hard. Clean: S air filter element Apply compressed air to the outer surface of the air filter element. About the only thing that catches you out about the ergonomic package on the F-Zed is a universal thing, regardless of age, more dependent on the size and shape of various appendages. Turn the crankshaft clockwise.

Parádní test, ostatně jako vždyv motodeníku. Throttle response is very good too. Vad är skillnaden mellan E10 och E5 bensin? I have had the usual mix of the Sport bikes like Fireblades, Aprilias, ZX9Rs, VFRs and so on and won't rule out another Sportsbike for the track and short rides when and if I have more cash, but for a one-bike person, this should be considered by everyone. To był normalny piątek jak większość z nich, w opisie na GG widniało standardowe TGIF i nic nie zapowiadało nadchodzących wydarzeń… Ale jakoś tak po południu kolega podesłał mi jakiś link i zagadnął jak

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If the drive chain slack is incorrect, adjust it as follows. And in those terms it really is a very good machine indeed. Prodávám z důvodu stavby domu, narození dcery. Vi har. Ale verim ze mnoha lidem to naopak bude vyhovovat, dole hodne a sametove a nahore narez, nez vztekla reakce z temer jakykoliv otacek ale za cenu slabe spicky a cukani dole Min fråga är ska man ha clipset i andra spåret uppifrån i nålen och ska nålen och clipset sitta under den vita plast grejen i trotteln? Check: S brake pedal position distance a from the top of the rider footrest to the top of the brake pedal Out of specification! Measure: S valve spring free length a Out of specification! Keep all parts away from any source of fire. Page 71 Storing a discharged battery can cause permanent To charge the battery battery damage. Specialpris: 49,95 DKK. S brake fluid delivery passages brake master cylinder body Obstruction! For each cylinder, starting with cylinder 1 at TDC, turn the crankshaft clockwise as speci- fied in the following table. Vad är det för sorts glödlampa till halvljuset? Page 56 Before installing the fuel tank, make sure that the fuel hoses are not damaged. Kan jag ta vilken som helst som är för en 2taktsmotor och att det står för mopeder? Turn the adjusting bolt 1 in direction a or Spring preload is Direction increased suspension is harder. Roland Larsson, Inga kommentarer Går det ner under ett par grader vägrar den gå i gång. Securely support the motor- cycle so that there is no danger of it falling over.

Check: S fuel passages Obstruction! Medium Emargency stop switch 1. Strengths: Very strong with high build quality. Only gripe is some poor quality chrome bits and I need to fit a hugger to keep all the crud off the rear shock. I still own it, which says a lot!

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Du skal have JavaScript slået til i din browser for at kunne bruge alle funktionerne på dette website. Face it, most people would be happier on something that's a bit less hard-edged than a race-replica if they can just stow their egos long enough to make a proper buying decision. So, there you have it; a good all round machine. Value vs rivals 5 out of 5 Great milage. The Fazer is quite forgiving but I wouldn't recommend it to new riders. Crankcase Separate. Vad kan felet vara och hur åtgärdas det? S Before installing the water pump seal, apply Yamaha bond No. Tighten: S cylinder head nuts 1 X 20 Nm 2. Keep in mind that the age battery charger is required. Ställ en fråga. Reconnect the throttle position sensor cou- pler. Bike sputters when cold. Measure: S valve spring free length a Out of specification! Replace the timing chain and crankshaft sprocket as a set. S valve stem end Mushroom shape or diameter larger than the body of the valve stem! The Yamaha FZS Fazer is a streetbike with an R1 engine — it could have been a compact brute of a machine with fearsome manners and ability to waste sports bikes below 80mph. That's a small sample size but it bodes well for longer tours in the future. Blötlägg den rostiga delen i ättika tills den är genomblöt. Amazing engine. However, should your motorcycle require any repair, take it to a Yamaha dealer, whose skilled technicians have the necessary tools, experience, and know-how to service the motorcycle properly. If you're going to tour then install a USB charger for your toys.

Page Adjusting The Carburetors Therefore, most carbu- checked and, if necessary, adjusted as retor adjustments should be left to a follows at the intervals specified in the Yamaha dealer, who has the neces- periodic maintenance and lubrication sary professional knowledge and expe- chart. Turn off the ignition. Verdikt: motorka super, ale strasne sterilni, prilis dokonala. Compression Ratio. I have fitted a double-bubble screen as the original is tiny. Measure: S crankshaft-pin-to-big-end-bearing clear- ance Out of specification!