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Deleting an account Press the key to select the account you Page Sending Functions Press the key to select [1-sided] or [2- sided]. Transmitted images can also be attached. The printer driver installation program starts up. When "Network Authentication" The procedure for making copies using EcoPrint is explained below. For information on operating the computer, refer to the operating system help for your computer. Use the procedure below to select the language. Use the procedure below to restart the system. A smaller value decreases the density of the ground color, and a larger value increases the density. Connection Example Determine the method to connect the equipment to a PC or network by referring to the illustration below. Do not attempt to incinerate the toner container or the waste toner box. Adjust the original width guides to fit the originals. Press [OK] the Right Select key. U ontvangt de handleiding per email binnen enkele minuten. Page Troubleshooting Remove any partially fed paper. The default setting is On and that of Rule Setting is also Off. On this machine, the label is on the rear. Antwoorden worden ook per e-mail naar abonnees gestuurd. Use the procedure below to assign names to scanned documents that you are sending. If you select [Manual], press the OK key, and then select the density on the next screen. Page Specifying Destination Basic Operation Place the original on the platen or in the document processor, and press the Start key.

Exceptionally low printing costs in its class. Persoonlijke of privégegevens Bijvoorbeeld een creditcardnummer, een persoonlijk identificatienummer, of een geheim adres. Select the options available for the machine and click Continue The selected machine is added. Set the amount of time before entering the sleep state in minutes. Page Coated Paper Coated paper is created by treating the surface of the base paper with a coating that provides higher printing quality than plain paper. Page Energy Saving Control Function Energy Saving Control Function The device comes equipped with a Sleep Mode where copier, printer and fax functions remain in a waiting state but power consumption is still reduced to a minimum when there is no activity with the device within a set amount of time. Scan multiple originals and deliver complete sets of copies as required according to page number.

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The magenta correction menu Print Chart appears. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Email deze handleiding. Net Admin 3. In Windows XP, go to step 8. Color Selection appears. Use the procedure below to select the quality when sending scanned originals. The following duplex options are available. If toner happens to spill from the toner container or the waste toner box, avoid inhalation and ingestion, as well as contact with your eyes and skin. If Plain is selected, the paper source with plain paper loaded in the specific size is selected. Page Troubleshooting If the jammed paper does not reach the registration roller metal as shown, grasp the paper and pull it out. The document processor is required. Group Auth. Destination Search Destinations registered in the Address Book can be searched. Report: Admin Rpt Set. The printer driver installation program starts up. Page 11 Management 11 Management This chapter explains the following operations. If this occurs repeatedly,f write down the error code that appears in the message display and contact a service technician. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. When copying penciled originals with rough or broken lines, clear copies can be taken by adjusting sharpness toward [Sharpen]. Scan Resolution appears. Operate in a similar fashion when you select an optional cassette Cassette 2 or 3. Click the OK button in the Advanced Sharing screen to close the screen.

There is also a large variety of network tools and utilities to help you keep your equipment up to date. R e g i s - t r a t i o n Roller If the jammed paper is located inside the machine as shown, open the rear feed cover and pull out the paper. A subnet mask represents all network address sections as 1 and all host address sections as 0. Turn the main power switch on. Select a category from the navigation bar on the left of the screen.

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The available paper sizes and media types are shown in the table below. By performing color registration without performing color calibration, the color drift will be resolved once, however, it may cause the serious color drift later. You can check a job history or job status using the job name, date and time, or job number specified here. Page Copying Functions Press the key to select the density of the ground color. The table below lists the buzzer types and their settings and details. Both sides of two-sided originals are scanned. Emulation Set. Default settings for printing the result reports can also be configured. The items displayed are as follows: Result Accepted Time Problemen met het apparaat? Page Default Setting System Menu seconds. Replace the Power Cord Connector Cover. Osoitteisto Carnet d'adr Adressebog: Libr. Duplex appears. The procedures for using the different search modes are explained below. The security levels can be modified only by the machine administrator. Select the options available for the machine and click Continue The selected machine is added. PC should be configured in advance so that E-mail can be used. Color can be emphasized, or color can be made paler and closer to a monotone. Photo Processing appears. Store the machine while avoiding exposure to direct sunlight. Each 3 digits can be set between and In order to do this, it is necessary to register the sender and destination recipient address on the network.

Follow steps 1 to 7 of Adding an Account on page Part that is operated You may choose Auto mode as the default setting refer to Density on page Item Detail Manual Adjust density using 7 levels. Simply follow the steps below to have all the resources you need in seconds. When Paper Jam is displayed, press [Help] the Left Select key to display the procedure to clear the jam. During a printing or sending job, press the Stop Job Cancel List: a b key.

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Duplex Name [ Exit Press the key to select [Name]. The procedure for adjusting the color saturation is explained below. Net Viewer 5. SMB Tool. Paper jams in the cassette of the optional paper feeder are removed in the same way. NOTE: Make sure, that the projections of the toner container fit to the slots inside the machine. A message appears saying that the printer has been installed successfully. Page Envelopes Envelopes should always be fed from the MP tray or paper feeder multi purposewith the print-side up. The following entries are required. You can also control devices depending on their status. Linux Linux Driver. Agreement Privacy Policy Contact us. Misbruik melden Gebruikershandleiding. Exercise caution as there is a risk of burn injury. Message Display and all indicators on the operation panel will go out to save a maximum amount of power except the Main Power indicator. NOTE: Adjust the paper length guide to the paper size required. IP Address: This displays the function Left: selection screen for the flexible key selected in Duplex step 5. Select the options available for the machine and click Continue The selected machine is added. Press the key to select [Local Authentic.

Page Document Box The number of copies screen appears. Page Management Applying Restriction Restriction can be applied in two modes as follows: Item Description No restriction given Counter Limit Restricts the print counter in one-page increments up to 9, copies. Resets settings and displays the basic screen. Sign up! Auto Panel Reset appears.

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Net Viewer 5. The asterisk in the table is a default setting. Page 9 System Sistem Nätverksinst. Offset occures. Page Selecting Type of Characters To enter characters, the following three types are available: To enter alphabets. Page Default Setting System Menu Destination confirmation screen before transmission You can specify whether or not the destination confirmation screen appears after the Start key is pressed or after a destination is added or edited before transmission. Warranty Privacy Legal. Page 97 Preparation before Use A window appears in which you can check the settings. Page 93 Preparation before Use Loading Originals in the Document Processor The document processor automatically scans each sheet of multiple originals. When the box is set correctly, it will snap into place. Page 4 Copying Functions This chapter explains the functions available for copying. Select key. Contact Name Sally If the maximum number of destinations has Cassette 1 Type appears. Page PC set application software settings are printed improperly. If you select [Off] for Auto Error Clear, the time display does not appear. Přiložené součásti se mohou lišit v závislosti na zemích nebo oblastech. Accepted appears and printing begins. Language: Nederlands. Select Detail Search The Send menu appears. Login Log in using the procedure below. Have you selected Select a scan resolution other than When displaying an Page Refer to Help of your operating system for details on how to share a folder. LF Action appears.

Page Default Setting System Menu In the color registration correction chart printed in Print Registration Chart above, note the numbers of the sections in the magenta H and V charts where the lines most closely coincide as a single straight line. Emulation Set. When "Network Authentication" Page Sharpness Adjustment Sharpness adjustment Adjust the sharpness of image outlines. The table below shows the quality options. Press the key to check all destinations.